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I just want everyone to know that I am not admin. I simply don't believe these dreadful rumors and gossips that admin is a schizophrenic running esoTalk out of a mental institution who is behind every single account except Khaleeb until he hacked it on top of everything else. Anyone who spreads those very bad misinformation blips is probably an alt of the rogue user known as Adolf Hitler, Akefu Brewer, Akefu Raider, Akefu Whore, and so on and so forth who spams and raids this forum nonstop and continually breaches its impeccable security defenses. We must listen to the voices of selfless heroes past who have sacrificed themselves for our sake such as Dwight Schrute and Brian Krebs (krebsonsecurity). Don't let Adolf Hitler/Akefu Brewer/Khaleeb take you for a ride. Remember, I'm not admin and admin would never do anything which could remotely be misconstrued in a bad light out of context as salacious. Please remember to send me nude erotic photos and feet photographs in private conversations. Peace out, niggas!

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