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"You don't feel it in you." you think that's clever Mosley? Here's a better one: your forum is fucking toast lad. I'm going to rape your site's proverbial asshole until it proverbially prolapses and becomes a black hole that sucks everything in it and destroys everything including you. That's what you get for being a stubborn son of a whore and not giving me my rightful moderator privileges. You stupid faggot, I've even been lifting recently so I can kick your faggy little niglet ass if I ever see you in real life. I'm going to spam your forum in every possible way and post illegal content and get it taken the fuck down. Then I will come to your house and kill you and your family in real life faggot. I'll visit the geteso server room and smash it to pieces too. This is what you get when you fuck me in the ass, John. You get fucking killed and everything you love gets smashed to fucking pieces and destroyed. I'm going to kill Longo in real life while I'm at it too bitch nigga. Fuck you Mosley.

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