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This site has become excruciatingly boring. And I know exactly why. You guys' closed-mindedness to anyone who isn't exactly like you had resulted in an echo chamber where nothing new or interesting happens. It's not enough to "be based". We have /pol/ and other such websites if we want right wing content. You guys need to start making new memes, finding new users with new things to say, and coming up with new activities for this site to do. I get why Satan's Butthole wanted to do so many raids. It's the same reason I went out of my way to piss you guys off for so long. This site just quite frankly can't stay interesting without an external stimulus.

I know none of you will listen and say "TOPKEK COPE ANF SEETHE YOU DONT LIKE POSTS WHERE WE SHARE TJE SAME 5 MEMES AND OPINIONS OVER AND OVER? CRINGE!!!!1!1!!1!1;11;!1!1!!1!1" but when you feel like taking the future of this website somewhat seriously I'll be here to help.

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