I'm your psychotic LDR bf n meet u irl

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hiiiiiii baby I'm so glad we met! look at this great airtport, i'm happy you came here to pick me up in your car. do you want me to drive you around? are we going to go to your place? do you want me to buy you some food? oh sure, let's get some for us. i'm going to order a hamburger for both of us. let's go to your place now. i'm going to drive. can yo ugive me directions? look, im' a good driver and I haven't wrecked your car yet! OK SAY YOU LOVE ME OR I'M GOING TO MAKE AN ILLEGAL U-TURN AND SPEED through traffic and wreck ourselves to death. haha you're so weak and pathetic, you got blackmailed by me. ok fine fine, let's go to your home. this is your room? beautiful. I'm going to kiss you on your lips and make out with you. hey, take my pants and underwear off. say "grow" 3 times and watch the magic happen. OH HERE IT GOES, OH GOD IT HURTS SO BADLY BUT I'M GOIGN TO DO IT FOR YOU. IT'S FINE, DON'T BE SCRED. THERE'S A FOOKCING ROSE COMIN OUT OF MY DICKHOLE. I'M IN SUCH AGONY LMAO. THE THORNS ARE RIPPING MY URETHRA OFF. UGH IM GOING TO BLEED EVERYWHERE AND MAKE YOUR CARPET STAINED! I HOPE YOU DON'T FUCKING MIND HAHA IM DYING AND BLEEDING OUT WHILE ARE IMPRESSED WITH MY MAGICAL SKILLS

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