Excited puppy story

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii u3u *woof woof* hehe im excited too see u x3 *wiggles my tail and rubs against your leggy to leave my scent on it*. Your legs and feet smell much better with me on them hehe you're my big tree *pisses on your leg* that's a good fertilizer for you, miss tree. oooh what is that sound? it sounds so sexy, I recon it's you moaning in excitement as your clitoris grows fast in front of my eyes. I'm truly excited, maybe too excited… I'm feeling an usual feeling between my legs; it feels as if there's something growing under me.. I'm just a mere 6 months old puppy but for some reason, my instincts are telling me to start humping your leg… I start humping your leg which makes my big puppy dick feel good. I keep going as you finger your human tree pussy with your index and middle fingers, as I'm about to cum I *woof* thrice loud to attract your attention and you pick me up - my dick is aimed at your head and I cum all over your beautiful face as you have your boyfriend lick it off`


Last year (deleted by PATHSEEKER)

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