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9 months ago (edited by Khaleeb 9 months ago)

This guy walks into a talent agent's office, and he says "I got an act."

Agent asks "What is it?"

The guy says "I go out there and my wife comes out with me. I start fingering my own asshole while she makes out with me. My 11 year old son then comes out and starts fucking my wife in the ass. I then stop fingering myself and start getting head from my 12 year old daughter while she gets fucked by my wife with a strap-on and my son licks out my asshole. My son then does a backflip over us, but he's not very athletic so he kicks my wife in the face and she starts bleeding. Then our dog Rocket comes out and starts licking the blood, and I snowball the blood out of his mouth and then do kind of a strawberry shortcake onto my son's face. Then I start fucking his face while the blood drips onto my dick. I slap him for getting blood all over my cock, then he starts crying so to make up for it I let him get fucked by Rocket. Then I cum a whole hell of a lot into some weird kind of a mold and we all take a shit and I carve it into a guitar pick. It hardens into a guitar and a pick and an Elvis impersonator comes out and plays Blue Moon of Kentucky with it. I then smear the shit on my face and do a blackface minstrel act. I do Mammy just like Al Jolson used to do and whip out a trumpet and do my own rendition of Mack the Knife by Louis Armstrong. On the last high note, they all sacrifice themself to Satan with pistols."

The agent, a real grizzled french guy sucking a ciggie says "What do you call yourselves?"

The guy replies, "The debonairs." with a faggoty little flourish

Agent says "More like ze Debutantes you fucking amatures!"

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