Anglos have tiny dicks

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10 months ago (edited by Khaleeb 10 months ago)

Let's not beat around the bush here, Anglo-Saxons have extremely small penises. I would estimate the average anglo dick size is about 3 inches. Official reports are 5.1 inches, but that's literally just the global average so that's just glowie bullshit. If you're an Anglo, how does it feel to know you'll never pleasure a woman? Your wife, if your pathetic tea and crumpet consuming ass can even find one, will forever fuck whatever Jerome/Muhammad/Sheamus she can find nearby. And chances are she's gonna want you to watch. Your people are going extinct and for good reason. The English are the most morally corrupt and unsuccessful group of people to ever reach global dominance. They established a joke of an empire which was undone in a matter of 20 years or so. The black man is superior to you, as is the middle eastern man, as is the Irishman and the Scot and the Welshman and every other group of people that isn't yours. Bow down and kiss the feet of your Black and Irish masters. Accept it, you pathetic little weasel of a man.

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