The Tragedy of the Ukraine

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No global affair has been so completely misconstrued by the forces interested in keeping the truth from people as the Russo-Ukrainian War and many sentiments in Europe which surround a crisis that prevails much of the East. On the other side of this hemisphere, papers do not bother to mention the actionable violations committed on behalf of the Ukraine’s government and their elected leadership which has sought to broadcast a thorough interrogation of captured soldiers for the purpose of demoralizing the enemy. In America, our history portrays the Vietnamese in the manner of dishonorable brutes despite the allied forces of its Treaty Organization, its cooperatives, exacting this same behavior in a way that makes use of a more televised world.

Propaganda in News, Publications

The conception of the never-ending television news program has devised an insidious attack on a remote event bearing political specifics and on the Russian stratagem, having been misconstrued as an attack on the European continent. It makes no mention of the conflict between people who identify as Russian and other Ruthenians in a territory that has been ingrained in a Union of Soviet Republics for seventy years, an ethnic settlement dating to the land of the Rus. This agency has developed for several years and was evidenced by the Western outlook on the political crisis in Crimea which made little mention of Russia’s handing of the Peninsula to the Ukraine during its constituency as a Soviet Republic.

The Regime of Kyiv

It is without question that the Ukrainian state’s conduct, if held on the other side of a big stick, would be prosecuted for violating the international standards for treating prisoners during times of war for their abuse of soldiers both captured and killed-in-action. The regime’s behavior has been engraved for any person to infer from but it is the Western propaganda machine which is bound to undermine this hypocrisy. Understand that the persecution of military ranks for conduct during wartime is nothing more than a political show of force in order to condemn the losing party in extravagant fashion, but there is nothing to reverse the judicial abuse which has been carried out in the name of prosecuting “war crimes.” If America were to find itself the victor of a conflict with Russia then it would certainly do the same thing again. This form of conduct is what qualifies the governments in Kyiv and in Washington as regimes.

Youth Always Fights the Nation's Wars

Lastly, American youth by the millions will be conscripted into armies to be sent to Asia and Europe to fight whichever battle our country has been thrust into by this government. It goes without saying that a conflict is inevitable on the basis of how great empires cannot maintain themselves without a large clash between nations and in order to relieve our poor standard of living, or the lack of material goods to satisfy an easily satisfied people, some threat must come about so as to unite Americans against something unless the politicians who have no interest in matters of citizenry are cast out.

Vladimir Putin did nothing wrong.

Ukraine is full of rainbow haired cunts who deserve the rape sentence.

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