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I will moderate with an iron fist by the rules .

I concur and wholeheartedly get behind this sentiment regarding moderation. We must do our best to ensure the highest quality discussion possible.


11 months ago (edited by Walter 11 months ago)

Very good. I believe that this policy among others will bring forth an accelerated development of the Ezo ideology and its placement into every auspice of society by the time our lives have passed.

Reiteratiing this statement.

Akefu_ - go to this post

Reiteratiing this statement.

You don't need to bump sticky conversations. Are you two? Fucking gluesniffer.

Update: Jews & Poles will be suspended on sight.

oy vey! THE BAN HAMMER!!!

I don't believe your moderation strategies are congruent with your stated intention of adhering zealously to the rules. Which, I might add, would be a noble policy if truly adhered to. Instead you seemingly delete posts and lock conversations at random and make a complete ass of yourself and this forum's moderation faculty. You would do well to reassess your behaviors and make corrective adjustments to your personal conduct at once.

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