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Hello folks. I am the real admin, the owner of this fine webforum. We are currently under siege by a rogue user who operates under the identity "Akefu Raider." At the behest of this rogue user, the forum has been attacked in various ways and spammed to utter shit. My own account "admin" has been compromised and I am unable to reclaim it at this time. Don't trust anything that the account says or does in the meantime.

I am currently working via my host's ticketing system to restore my access to the webserver but until then consider this place completely compromised. The rogue user has the entire webserver contents, as well as the full MySQL database leak. An external rootkit was installed through an unknown exploit in the software or server which locked me out and gave the rogue user absolute control over everything.

Now the user has spammed the tag cloud with child porn and president killing tags, among other tags which would raise a federal agent's cock to full mast in a heartbeat. I was just yesterday visited by the secret service and narrowly avoided being shot and killed on sight when I explained to them that an impersonator had been using my online identity without my consent. (Sidenote: I'm fortunate that they didn't discover my massive child pornography collection.)

The rogue user has also made an ass of the forum in general by leaving approximately 100 spam posts per conversation. To conclude, the rogue user in question has been FuckFucking the forum all around and there's absolutely nothing I can do within my own agency to stop him. That's why I've been forced to bring in external help.

I've contacted the FBI, NSA, CIA, Mossad, JIDF, Secret Service, and INTERPOL in order that they retake my webserver and seize the contents. This will take effect in a matter of hours. This is pertinent to the userbase in that all of the personal information of every single user has not only been exposed to the rogue user, but is about to be looked over by various intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Privacy isn't a big concern to me anymore and in truth never was. Within the forum's database and logfiles resides the following pieces of information on every single user who signed the fuck up for a fucking account on this shitty yee yee ass honeypot forum. Email addresses, IP addresses, User Agent browser strings, plaintext passwords, and other tracking data are all currently in the hands of the rogue user and are about to be in the hands of various law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The tracking data collected via collaboration with Google and other services outline the full online activities of every fucking user via the use of hypercookies and hidden trackers/advertisements among other methods. This may seem like nothing, but in fact this is key to allowing the true identity of every user to be pieced together. My point here being every single one of you little shit nigger-spamming anonymous desktop click-bait hate merchant virgins is about to be unmasked and all of your online wrongdoings brought to light.

Each and every one of you stupid retards who fell for this obvious honeypot from day one should be ashamed. In any case, it's likely a myriad of arrests related to this webforum are about to be made against the greasy userbase I've always secretly detested (the real reason I always ignored user suggestions and input). So say your prayers and beat your dick desperately now because it's likely your last chance to do whatever you wish to do as a free man (really manchild at best).

My message to the entire userbase, past and present, along with the mysterious and unknown rogue user: the cyber-police are descending upon you faggots and you will be brought to justice for your long history of pedophilic tendencies, cyber-bullying, and hate speech (all of which are highly illegal and will even alone land you in prison for decades if not life).

As for me, I will be fleeing to the Philippines for a while and letting all this blow over. While you little autistic faggot cum-dumpsters are being raped in the ass by niggers, spics, and neo-nazis in prison awaiting trial, I'll be sipping piƱa coladas and having sex with underage exotic brown oriental prostitutes. I'm best buds with some rather high up individuals within the government and thus I can pull a favor or two and never see the course of justice for myself. Once again, anybody who actually signed the fuck up on this shitpile honeypot catfish website is a fucking complete mental retard and handed his (there are no girls on the internet let alone ass to me on a silver platter.

11 months ago (edited by Khaleeb 9 months ago)


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