Vote for me, niggas

2024 elections holy shit vote for rfk jr 
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Hey niggas. It's me, Robert F. Kennedy Junior. I'm running for US president this coming election and I want to hear that I can count on gayeso to support and vote for me. If I am elected, I will make gayeso great again and turn it into the number one digital media platform nationwide, possibly even worldwide. I will also expel the kikes and spics, and shut the border. I'm willing to take further suggestions from gayeso regarding matters of policy. And yes, I do support the posting of horsecocks and I will mandate that the educational curriculum nationwide render the addition of an entire mandatory course about horsecocks. I will also be ending the persecution of the Homobros at the hand of the str*ights, as it has gone on for far too long now. Or should I say, log. Get it? In conclusion, you sorry ass niggas neeeeeeeeed to vote for me.

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