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Bonjour, old pals! Looks like the site has been wiped or maybe just the old posts and accounts are gone? It seems to have changed in some ways and stayed about the same in others. I can't say whether users on here are "real" or not, haha, but I hope anyone who's still here is doing well. From the looks of it, whoever was spamming the forum before is still here. There's no solid evidence that whoever spammed the site is connected to the "impersonator" accounts but by now my suspicions to that end are becoming more convincing to me at least. Maybe I'm wrong but that's my thought process, lol. Anywho, I'm coming back now after a long absence to check in though I don't know if any of the folks I remember (aside from admin) are still here or not. From the looks of some of the posts I've read I have my suspicions that whoever said admin was the spammer might've been right. To be clear, I'm not making any accusations towards admin, I'm just outlining my observations. I apologize to you, admin, if I'm mistaken but if not then I suggest you get some better source material. A lot of this stuff is the same old same old that's been posted over and over for months, years now I suppose. I must confess some of the posts gave me a few good chuckles, haha. Well, I best stop rambling now. I wish anyone who's still here my best. Hopefully conditions on this site improve, rofl. No offense, but the forum looks awful with all the weird tags and err, repulsive and spam posts. Also, for whatever it's worth yes, I'm the real Stalin. If any other accounts claiming to be me are made, they are not really me. If I do make another account and want folks to know it's me, I'll say so on this account. Anywho, see you, space cowboys.

Joey S

What the fuck? I step away from these boards for 5 seconds and there's already an impersonator account of me? This disgraceful bullshit is why I rai… I mean it's why I… I… I don't know. If this fake accunt isn't dealt with by fagmin right away I WILL raid this shithole with the full force of myself and Akefu himself. Yes, we're bedfellows both metaphorically and in the most literal sense you can think of ;).

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