Tormater or Tormator?

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The long standing debate. As, it can be interpreted as both, but anyone who interprets it as the latter is likely not an affiliate to the tormater, and doesn't contribute or lurk much on tormater communities. Now, I have been informed that if you open PictoChat on your Nintendo DS(Lite/i/3DS/3DS XL/2DS/2DS XL) you can easily illustrate the concept of TORMATER to anyone in a PictoChat-room. It's more likely, that you find Tormater in local occurances, than it is that you find it OnLine. It's so, that a few tormater snaders like myself are bringing Tormater out of local communities and into the megaweb. Now, as a non-tormater'd user, you might find it difficult to understand the concept of Tormater and how to become a tormater affiliate/tormater eighter, but all you need to do is simply go to Tulsa, Oklahoma, on the main city square and enter PictoChat rooms and you surely will learn. Now, there's another option, but it's not nearly as stable as the bustling Tormater communities, it's the tormater discord. Now, the tormater discord has quite a few bad folks in it but you should be able to learn the tormater conceptualizations. High ho!

PS: if you're wondering where the tormater discord might be located, a little birdie told me it was here:

It's Animaterr Man.

This dude is so fucked in the head.

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