Logposting is Anarchy

andy sixx 
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Logposting is Anarchy
The sheer ridiculousness of it's brown subject matter acts as defence against the intrusion of normalfags. Andy Sixx posting is in it’s very nature a rebellious act as most platforms outside of imageboard culture fear it’s presence and exile those who participate in it. Further more does it’s legal ambiguity prevent eager opportunists to effectively capitalize on the meme’s notoriety for they have to expect cease and desist orders from BVB’s lawyers for violating the rights to their intellectual property. Those and many more aspects ensure that logposters are quite liberal in the classic sense. Another fundamental point is it’s mocking of fandoms and obsessive behavior towards pop & rock idols. While many modern youth- and subcultures tend to favour pure consumerism, many logposters actually create independent content. So before you go ahead and continue your typical spam of gore and new world order propaganda, I got one finally message to you: Grow up.

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