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The Log of Shit of Andy Sixx is not like any other log of shit you may find at your local bathroom. Tis truly the works of a god in his own right.

The Andy Sixx is native to North America but has been reported to migrate on the occasion of the annual Vans Warped Tour. His reproduction rate is remarkably high considering how many girls want to give him a vasectomy with their tongues.

What you don’t know right now is that Andy Sixx is the hottest, sexiest, gothiciest, hardcoreiest, deathcoreiest metal singer in the world and common sexual congress and foreplay would simply not do the job in trying to pleasure someone so divine, so perfect… so… holy, like his ass. Sure one could suck on his fucking dick and drink all of his sperms but it would never come close to showing your love and affection for him.

It starts with getting your foot in the door, which will not be easy. First you need to buy tickets for a Black Veil Brides concert and you must go to the actual concert hall, sneak past security and make your way to Andy’s dressing room. Much competition awaits you from other little BVB fangirls who want Andy’s Warm Log of Shit slidding down their fucking throats so badly. Some of them have killed others to make their chances of being where they are in the heat of the moment even possible, so do not take your presence or your life for granted.

Some of these girls are just downright crazy. While you just want the satisfaction of Andy’s warm log slidding down your fucking throat, many want something else. Many want… to start a life with the shit, or so to speak, meaning that their long-term goal in their endeavors is to suck a big one out of Andy Sixx’s asshole and use the log as a dildo to fuck their pussies with and have the bacteria from the shit fertilize their egg cells and impregnate them with a retarded human shit baby then when when they give birth to that retarded human shit baby, then want to suck on its rock hard retarded human shit baby balls and fat fucking throbbing retarded human shit baby cock until the retarded shit baby can’t take it anymore and then cums out a giant fucking load of retarded human shit baby cum all over the inside of their mouths and then they want to spit the retarded human shit baby cum out and use the retarded shit baby cum as lubricant to finger their assholes with. And you thought you were fucked up.

After you’ve made it through, it becomes an “every BVB Army soldier emo fangirl for themselves scenario” in which a battle royal of carnage and bloodshed over who gets to lock their lips around Andy Sixx’s anus and suck the warm brown turd from within: the last person standing. After you have defeated everyone in battle, you will be allowed to knock on Andy’s dressing room and he will answer.

In an uninterested voice, he will say:

“Hey, you’re not the catering service I called for,” in which you must speak the sacred words:

“To the Log within, I call to thee!”

And one of two things will happen from there:

Scenario 1:
Assuming Andy is a religious fanatic, he will go along with your call for his sweet warm log and receive you inside his chambers. From there, he will have you stand on an inverted pentagram drawn in blood on the floor and then get down on your knees with your mouth open. Then he will lower his pants and thrust his ass into your face where the pleasure is all your from that point onwards.

As you press your face between his ass crack, you get a feeling for his tremendous toushy that has been sitting down and doing nothing for most of his life massage your facial cheeks with his ass cheeks.You start at the top of his ass crack with your tongue and work your way down delicately feeling the texture of the shit that has been smeared down the crack from the last time he used the bathroom and wiped a wet, runny shit upwards. Your tongue will continue down the channel of your desire and reach the sacred chocolate starfish containing the delicious brown log from within.

You introduce yourself by delicately licking the lining of his asshole, carefully mapping every impression of his anus in your mind using nothing but your tongue and your unbroken will for what is contained inside. You lick it around a few times before slowly and luxuriously inserting your tongue into his anus to meet the log of shit that has been created by the Colon of Nativity which has created a hearty log for you to feast upon using nothing but the digested curry and chipotle andy wolfed down a few hours prior to your arrival. As Andy Sixx feels your tongue entering his asshole, he gives out a sigh indicating both pleasure and lust from his end… literally. He likes you inside him for a change.

Slowly, gently, with tender love and care, you assure the log that everything is alright and that you have been the one selected from the bloody battle earlier to receive it and its might sliding down your throat, with its corn chunks massaging the inside of your esophagus. After a while of tongue wresting with his butt-snake, the log of shit finally gains your trust and is ready to be transfered from the asshole of Andy Sixx into your mouth. You lick your lips to ensure a secure seal around his asshole before locking your lips with his anus and start sucking. Andy, assisting you because he didn’t eat enough fiber for that day, is feeling a little constipated but is also pushing as you suck.

You feel the very tip of the log enter your mouth, and as more and more slack begins to enter your body, you notice the girth is too big, causing andy’s anus to stretch with your lips with it. At the end of the whole ordeal, you will have looked like you have just completed the kylie jenner lip challenge. In fact, all of those kids that uploaded the videos of them with the bruised and swollen lips… not all of them stuck their mouths in a glass jar and sucked… some of them had their lips stretched naturally by the bending will of Andy Sixx’s asshole, but we’re getting off point. The girth of andy sixx’s warm log is so big that is stretches his asshole and your lips with it and as your lips remain stretched, you can feel the warmth from the log give off heat into your mouth along with the hinted scent of a dirty bomb eaten for lunch.

With a little more sucking, the tip of the log crowns from andy’s ass and goes into your mouth, but you are still faced with the tremendous girth that is too big to fit between your teeth, so they scrape some of the round figuration off the log as it moves further into your mouth. If your teeth are perfectly straight, the log will look like a circle with the sides shaved off, but if you have fucked up teeth… the log will also looked pretty fucked up as your teeth scrape against it.

Andy’s pushing and your sucking and you and him are giving it all you;ve got and it’s almost completely out. Andy ate a lot earlier, which explains why his log is so plentiful. Your body is telling you to abort but your strong will and love for andy sixx is pushing you forward. You must keep going, you’re almost at the end. You’ve waited your entire life for this moment and have wasted too much of your parents money on shitty things from Hot Topic to turn back now. Andy finally gives the final sigh to indicate that the whole log has left his ass, and with one big wolf, you let it slide down your throat.

On this particular day, andy swallowed corn chunks whole without chewing that sat in his stomach and remained as they were throughout the whole digestive process. He knows how you like it.

On its trip down, the chunks of corn sticking out of the brown creamy log roll begin to massage your esophagus so delicately and so tenderly as if your esophagus were being massaged by the tip of an angel’s dick. As it makes its way down your throat, it reaches your stomach where your body will take it from there. You’ve done enough for the day…

You’ve sucked the log out but your lips are still locked onto andy sixx’s anus, in which you, not being rude, lick every last subatomic particle of shit off with your tongue before separating from his asshole. Andy then giggles a faggy little giggle, the same kind of giggle someone would make if they just had a log of shit sucked out of their asshole, and then pats you on the head before doing up his trousers and reminding you to keep buying his stupid useless merchandise from Hot Topic.

You then leave the dressing room, escorted by security through a crowd of jealous little fangirls whose lifelong dream it was to experience what you have just done… to have what you have inside of you at that moment. While you stand proudly in your prime, nothing can bring you down because the warmth of Andy’s log remains inside of you. From that moment on, it brings you up when you’re down and remains with you forever… or does it?

Long after your body turns andy sixx’s shit into your own shit, you still feel amazing, and why is that? It’s because maybe deep down inside, you never needed to suck a log of shit out of andy sixx’s asshole. Maybe deep down inside, you’ve had the log of shit inside you this whole time and you just didn’t know it… because the warmth of the log will never cool, and the steam of the warm brown roll will never stop steaming for Andy’s log will carry you with it as it enters the world of infamy.

Scenario 2:
Andy scoffs jerkily and says:

“Pfft. Get out of here, faggot,” and tries to close the door on you, but you acting faster and utilizing your lighting-fast reflexes manage to wedge your foot in the doorway as its about to close and keep the door open.

You then charge forward, pushing him back into his trailer so that he ends up in a supine position underneath you.

“Oh no you don’t!” you exclaim with the adrenaline building up inside you for what is about to happen next. “I’ve waited too long for this and I will have your warm log.”

You then pounce onto Andy and grab him by the neck, strangling him as he panics in distress on the floor and tries with multiple blows to your heat to get you off of him, but your concentration is key and your objective, the warm creamy log roll inside his Colon of Natvity, is prime. His moving stops and you release his neck just before he passes out and then you turn him over onto his stomach and start pulling his pants down.

As you’re working to gain forced access to his beloved spintcher, he finds a marble bust of Jynxx that was toppled from the stand it rested on when you pushed the door into the dressing room, grabs the very end of it and then then turns around before hitting you over the head with it. You then fall to the side but then recollect your bearings instantly and efficiently enough to disarm andy and headbutt him with your forehead right on his bridge, causing him to lay helplessly and bleed from his nose.

You then turn him over a second time, with the intention that this second attempt on his butthole will go undisturbed. As you’re pulling his trousers, andy moans in angst in despair on the ground while you enter your face, forcibly, into his ass crack. A security guard patrolling the hallway comes across the entrance of the dressing room to see the door breeched and Andy laying face down with your face down in his ass crack.

“What the fuck?” the security guard exclaims not knowing whether to be weirded out or disgusted.

You turn your eyes while your face is still in his ass crack and notice the security guard staring the two of you from the broken door. The security guard then quickly reaches for his gun but you’re faster than he is and more prepared: you pull your face out of andy’s ass crack and draw a taser and shoot him from the distance. The pins hit him in the chest and send an electric shock surging through his entire body, causing his muscles to contract and pull the trigger of the gun he held with a round firing promptly into Andy’s heel.

Andy then shrieks in pain but starts crying as things for him get worse and worse from that point. The security guard then falls forward and lands on his pistol which goes off when he lands on top of it and fires a round into his chest which grazes its way through the right side of his heart before moving swiftly through his neck and stopping at the brain, killing him.

Now that that confrontation is over with, to carry one with what you were doing before you were so rudely interrupted. You place your face in between his ass crack like earlier, only this time Andy starts crying and screaming along with desperately squirming as the effects of your last headbutt to his face begin to wear off. Having enough of his foolish nonsense, you grab the marble bust of Jynxx he hit you with earlier and knock him out heavily with a swift blow to the back of his head. He then stops moving and also stops displaying any signs of life from that point onwards.

You continue on with what you were doing and place your face back inside the security of his ass crack as he lays flat on the floor of his dressing room, lock lips with his asshole to form the air-tight seal, and then suck. You suck harder than you’ve ever sucked before because andy’s unconscious and isn’t awake to help push the log of shit out of his ass. Your lungs suck as if you were sucking a golf ball through a garden hose, and suck and suck until you feel the warm brown enter your mouth.

You feel the warmth of the log just as youre about to give up which keeps you going. Towards the end of the log, your body is spent, it’s tired and it wants to quit, but your love and affection for Andy Sixx and his warm creamy log roll is just too much to go to waste. You suck the last bit out of his asshole and swallow with your esophagus muscles taking over from your lungs, which are about to collapse out of exhaustion.

You then sit back and breathe heavily and look at the damage, at andy’s unconscious body and the dead security guard while savoring the shit taste in your mouth. You tell yourself that it was a good day, then spank andy’s bare ass and then stand up and leave.

A few hours later, Andy’s manager walks into the dressing room and sees andy laying face down with his pants pulled down with slobber around his anus along with a dead security guard lying face down in a pool of his own blood.

“What the fuck happened here?” the manager asks waking Andy up from his slumber. Andy then sits upright, dazed and discombobulated and replies:

“Ugh, I don’t know but for some reason, I feel like I just dropped a big one.”

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