Reasons to Logpost

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Reasons to Logpost

Seeing as you are curious enough why you should logpost as you visited this page, I’ll let you in on a little secret about this meme. This meme partially lives off of the people it pisses off, kind of like a parasite, the meme itself is not a parasite, as it can also live on its own at this point.

Reason 1:

The Reactions

The reactions to this meme, I won’t lie, are fucking hilarious. Much funnier than the reactions to any offensive memes per se. As the offensive memes, i.e. Amerimutts, Poo in Loo (Indian meme), Sweden Yes, Achmed (pisses off europeans), Emu war, and so on are all political and topical memes, whereas the Log of shit meme could only possibly be offensive to BVB fans, possibly Andy Sixx himself. Yet people all over 4chan get butthurt at the very sight of this meme.

Reason 2:


Normies have ruined 4chan, no questions asked, so why continue the lame-ass facebook fap threads and IG fap threads when you could go even further than that? Normies chances are good, are not going to have shit fetishes (you don’t even need to have a shit fetish to logpost, as long as it’s andy’s logs you want), and they will be disgusted at the sight of a log meme. You could take back /b/ one at a time by logposting on /b/.

Reason 3:

It’s the cure

Not only did normies ruin 4chan, but so did /pol/fucks. /pol/fucks are mentally the same as Normies, except /pol/fucks are immature losers who spam political memes. Logs are all they need and they transition from losers to winners who logpost. Why stop there? Post logs in all threads, make it mandatory to have atleast 1 log in every thread! Why even stop there!? Post 5 log threads daily! Why even stop there!? Post logs all over the internet!!! WHY EVEN STOP THERE?!?!?!!? GO TO AN ACTUAL BVB CONCERT AND SUCK A LOG OF FUCKING SHIT FROM ANDY SIXX’S ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Excuse me.

Logposts are usually said to be the closest to old /b/ that any meme could get. So why are you resisting?

Reason 4:

Our Enemies

Say what you want about the meme, chances are good, you don’t like the current state of /b/ either, us logposters have enemies too, our enemies are as follows:



IG Fap posters

FB Fap posters

Loli posters

Oh America posters

NRA is a terrorist organization posters

What’s that you say? You’re one of those posters? Oh well grow the fuck up kiddo. In case you aren’t one of those posters, keep reading. I’m more than sure you don’t like them either, they take space away from good threads, and they get way more attention than good threads. Most of all, they’re not interesting, because they usually keep to themselves. What’s that you say? You’re an introverted bitch who doesn’t want to go outside the boundaries? Well you don’t got what it takes to logpost, bucko. Anyways, logposters always go outside the boundaries and you will have to admit, wouldn’t you be entertained to see logposters pissing off furries? You know the answer is yes, don’t bullshit us. Nobody on /b/ likes furries either, and those sick fucks love drama more than they love the fucking roadkill they jack off to. Atleast think about it.

Reason 5:

Who we make fun of

You may not have ever noticed outside of your blindness, but logthreads all make fun of 2 particular kinds of people, technically 3. The first 2 being:

Andy Sixx himself

BVB Fans

Non-lorewise, this meme defiles Andy Sixx and BVB Fans. The creator himself had once said that this meme was made out of a hatred for Andy Sixx and his fanbase. If you’ve ever seen a BVB fan, you’d know how obsessed they odds are with Andy Sixx and the rest of the band. It’s fucking obnoxious, and don’t pretend you don’t get annoyed when you see people online practically wanting to suck off people like Lil Pump or that other guy with the skittles teeth. Because you know you do; unless you’re one of those fanboys/fangirls. But then that might get you asking “Then why do the same as them?”, the difference here being is that we’re taking it up a notch, instead of just going ZOMG ANDY SIXX IS SO FUCKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!11 every 5 minutes, we go like ZOMG ANDY SIXX IS SO FUCKING HOT I JUST WANT TO SUCK A LOG OF SHIT OUT OF HIS ASSHOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Doesn’t that sound like something a BVB fan would want? That’s the humor/humour in it. It sounds funny, because some BVB fans would want something like that.

The 3rd aforementioned target is just /b/ in general. Let’s face it, /b/ is shit, and it will always be. /b/ is filled to the brim with porn, that is not random, that’s fucking lame. What’s more random? A furry thread in a porn board, or a thread about Black Veil Brides in a porn board? Incase you said a furry thread, grow the fuck up. In case you said the BVB thread, you’re correct.



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